NCASI webcast on climate change and its potential effects on forests

Performance Measure 15.3 of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® requires participants in that program to “broaden the awareness of climate change impacts on forests, wildlife and biological diversity.” Indicators associated with this Performance Measure are:

  1. “Where available, monitor information generated from regional climate models on long-term forest health, productivity and economic viability.”
  2. “Program Participants are knowledgeable about climate change impacts on wildlife, wildlife habitats and conservation of biological diversity through international, national, regional or local programs.”

To assist Member Companies in responding to this Performance Measure, NCASI is preparing a webcast on climate change and its potential effects on forest health, wildlife and biological diversity. The 60-minute webcast will be presented on July 27, 2010, at 2 p.m. Participation is open to representatives of NCASI member companies in the U.S. and Canada. To register, send an email to, or register online at the NCASI members only website. Log-in information and presentation material will be emailed to all registrants prior to the webcast. The webcast will be archived on the NCASI website for subsequent viewing.

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