Update on conservation planning

NCASI is distributing Technical Bulletin No. 982, A Summary of Conservation Planning Efforts in Forested Regions of the United States: 2010 Update. This report will be of interest to companies that are participating in forest certification programs that include requirements related to conservation of biodiversity.

This report is a compendium of information about biodiversity conservation programs in the United States. Programs were selected for inclusion based on their relevance to wood procurement and timberland operations.

Company personnel with responsibilities for sustainable forestry and wood procurement can use this report to gain a general understanding of the scope and content of biodiversity conservation programs and to identify specific programs that are most relevant to their companies.

The material in this report updates the information in NCASI Technical Bulletin 947, which was published in 2008. The primary author is Carolyn A. Mehl of the Ecosystem Management Research Institute (EMRI). Philip R. Weatherford of NCASI contributed to development of this report by compiling information on statewide forest resource assessments and plans. Dr. Ben Wigley of NCASI collaborated with EMRI staff in the development of the report.

NCASI members can download this report from NCASI’s website (www.ncasi.org) or obtain a printed copy by sending an email request to publications@ncasi.org. 

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