Forestry and Biomass Technical Sessions at NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting

NCASI’s 2011 West Coast Regional Meeting will be held September 21-22 in Vancouver, Washington. The meeting will begin with a General Session on the morning of Wednesday, September 21.

Forestry technical sessions will be held Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. Wednesday’s session will include an update on legal and regulatory developments related to forest roads and provide information on regional research addressing prediction and control of sediment impacts from forest roads. Thursday, presentations will focus on technical studies on the environmental fate and effects of silvicultural herbicides.

A pre-meeting workshop on forest biomass will be offered on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 20.

Following are agendas for the biomass workshop and forestry technical sessions.

Workshop:  Forest Biomass to Energy II (Tuesday PM) 

Update on Washington’s Biomass Energy Initiatives

Craig Partridge, Washington Department of Natural Resources 

Update on Oregon’s Biomass Energy Policy

Matt Krumenauer, Oregon Department of Energy 

Relationship between Intensive Biomass Production and Biodiversity in North American Forests

Dr. Jake Verschuyl, NCASI  

Meeting Quality Expectations for Forest Biomass Fuels

David Smith, Oregon State University 

Biomass Power and the Western Electric Marketplace: Finding the Opportunities

Bill Carlson, Carlson Small Power Consultants 

Electric Utility Perspective on Biomass and Other Renewables

Ray Hendricks, Portland General Electric 

Biomass Energy Projects

Todd Payne, Seneca Lumber Company; Eveleen Muehlethaler, Port Townsend Paper Company 

Carbon Neutrality of Biomass Energy: Current Understanding and Status

Reid Miner, NCASI  

Predicting and Controlling Water Quality Impacts from Forest Roads (Wednesday PM) 

An Update of Legal Developments for Forest Roads

Greg Corbin, Stoel Rives  

Responding to Technical Arguments by Environmental Groups on NEDC v. Brown 

Dr. George Ice and John Beebe, NCASI  

Testing the Performance of Forest Road Erosion Models

Kathy Dubé, Watershed GeoDynamics  

A Study to Assess Road Connectivity to Streams

Doug Martin, Martin Environmental  

RMAP and Findings of the Washington Road Sub-Basin Scale Effectiveness Monitoring Program

Kathy Dubé, Watershed Professionals Network  

Oregon Department of Forestry Monitoring and Research to Understand Erosion and Turbidity from Forest Roads

Liz Dent, Oregon Department of Forestry 

Herbicide Use in Forestry: Addressing Emerging Controversies (Thursday)  

Use of Herbicides in Forest Management

Bruce Alber, Wilbur Ellis  

A Review of Indirect Effects of Herbicide Applications on Wildlife

Dr. Larry Irwin and Laurie Clark, NCASI; Dr. Gary Roloff, Michigan State University  

Retrospective Study of Response of Bird Populations to Herbicide Applications

Dr. Matthew Betts, Oregon State University 

A Manipulative Study of the Effects of Forest Herbicide Use on Birds and Arthropods

Dr. Jacob Verschuyl, NCASI; Dr. Matthew Betts, Oregon State University  

Effects of Herbicides and Herbivory on Elk Nutritional Resources: A Retrospective Study

Dr. Evelyn Merrill and Andrew Geary, University of Alberta  

A Black-Tailed Deer Nutrition/Herbicide Study

Dr. Lisa Shipley, Washington State University  

Pesticide-Related Stream Monitoring as Part of the Oregon Pesticide Stewardship Partnership Program

Kevin Masterson, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 

Issues Raised by the Pitchfork Rebellion and Human Exposure to Herbicides in the Triangle Lake Area of Oregon

Terry Witt, Oregonians for Food and Shelter  

Biomonitoring Equivalents for the 2,4-D Herbicide

Jim Gray, Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data; Carol Burns, Dow Chemical Company  

Information on Human Exposure to Atrazine

Dr. Vickie Tatum, NCASI  

Forest-Related Cases Investigated by the Oregon Pesticide Analytical Response Center

Dr. Jae Douglas, Oregon Public Health Division  

Preliminary Results from a Study to Monitor Stormwater Runoff from an Herbicide Application as Part of the Alsea Watershed Study Revisited

Dr. George Ice and Dr. Jeff Louch, NCASI  

Herbicide Mixture Toxicity Study

Dr. Vickie Tatum, NCASI