Volume 23, No. 06 - August 24, 2011

Forestry and Biomass Technical Sessions at NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting

NCASI’s 2011 West Coast Regional Meeting will be held September 21-22 in Vancouver, Washington. The meeting will begin with a General Session on the morning of Wednesday, September 21.

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US Fish and Wildlife Service initiates Status Review for two bat species

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is conducting a Status Review of the eastern small-footed myotis (Myotis leibii) and the northern long-eared myotis (Myotis septentrionalis) to determine whether these species should be listed as federally endangered or threatened

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Time Series Analysis and Climate Change

Time Series Analysis and Climate Change is a new book comprising scientific papers by Dr. Craig Loehle (NCASI) and several co-authors. The papers examine natural variation in climate records from satellites, ground stations, ocean buoys, and various indirect sources such as tree rings and ice cores.

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California Forests focus on water

California Forests is a publication of the California Forestry Association. The Summer 2011 issue focuses on water and forest connections.

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US Department of Energy releases study of current and potential supplies of biomass feedstocks

The US Department of Energy is distributing U.S. Billion-Ton Update: Biomass Supply for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry. This report is an assessment of the feasibility of producing a billion dry tons of biomass per year for energy and bioproducts in the United States. 

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