Beneficial uses of wood residues

NCASI is distributing Technical Bulletin No. 994, Beneficial Uses of Woody Biomass for Energy and Other Purposes by Dr. Ilich Lama. This report synthesizes published information on current inventories of wood residues in Canada and beneficial use options for these residues. Wood residue sources accounted for in these inventories include mill residues from forest products manufacturing, existing bark/hog fuel piles, urban wood residue, wood residue from harvesting and thinning operations, and wood killed by natural disturbances.

The inventory data compiled in this report suggest that wood residue availability varies with geographical location and that current and future beneficial use opportunities will rely both on harvest residues and dead wood. Energy use constitutes the most developed beneficial use for wood residues, and thus it has been fully explored in this report in terms of process principles and technology, potential by-products, economic costs, potential environmental releases, regulatory landscape, and wood residue quality requirements. The number of information sources documenting non-energy applications (e.g., soil amendment, wood-composites, animal bedding) is limited compared with the available literature on energy uses. These latter applications are primarily discussed in terms of type of wood residue used and the principle or context of the application. 


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