Minnesota completes assessment of research needs

The Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC) is distributing Minnesota’s Forest Resources Research: Assessment & Needs (posted at www.frc.mn.gov/resources_documents_research.html).

This report was developed over a three-year period by representatives of government, academia, and industry. Findings and recommendations are based in part on a survey of diverse organizations that have $11.4 million in total annual funding for forest research in the state. Most of the survey respondents reported flat or declining funding levels for research over the previous three years (2009-2011). Most of the current research involves ecological functions and integrity, as well as the monitoring and modeling of forest resources. Research priorities for the coming decade include forest health threats; implications and mitigation of climate change; forest fragmentation, parcelization and development; changes and losses in biodiversity; woody biomass harvesting and energy; methods of forestland management/silviculture; water quality and forests; health of the forest products industry; forest productivity concerns and implications; long-term ecological impacts of timber harvesting.

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