Volume 24, No. 05 - June 29, 2012

NCASI comments on effectiveness of forest road practices

NCASI recently submitted comments in response to the EPA’s “Notice of Intent to Revise Stormwater Regulations to Specify that an NPDES Permit is not Required for Stormwater Discharges from Logging Roads and to Seek Comments on Approaches for Addressing Water Quality Impacts from Forest Road Discharges.” 

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Watershed health technical symposium

On February 17, 2012, the Society of American Foresters (SAF) in collaboration with the Environmental Law Institute, American Forest Foundation, US Forest Service, National Alliance of Forest Owners, Plum Creek Timber Company, and Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association hosted a technical symposium in Washington, DC titled “Examining the Effects of Responsible Forest Management on Watershed Health.”

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Washington Forest Biomass Supply Assessment

A recently released report, Washington Forest Biomass Supply Assessment, characterizes forest biomass availability and sustainability on all forest land ownerships in that state. The study was designed to help ensure that Washington’s forest biomass-to-energy sector moves forward sustainably.

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Constraints on forest management

Constraints on forest management from federal and state regulations, best management practices, local ordinances, voluntary conservation, and forest certification programs have expanded in number and complexity over time as new concerns and interests have arisen. While constraints are usually placed on forest management with the intent of promoting desirable environmental and aesthetic benefits, each constraint potentially reduces the amount of wood fiber and revenue that can be produced. 

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Modeling water and nutrient dynamics in pine forests

Scientists at North Carolina State University and the US Forest Service have developed a model to help managers understand the processes controlling forest productivity and water quality. The model, DRAINMOD-FOREST, is based on a platform of hydrology and forest growth models and incorporates data from field studies and the scientific literature.

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Starker Lecture focuses on forest watersheds

The recent 2012 Starker Lecture Series at Oregon State University (OSU) included a full-day Oregon Forests and Water Symposium co-sponsored by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. The symposium highlighted new findings from the Watersheds Research Cooperative at OSU. Dr. George Brown, dean emeritus, and Dr. George Ice, NCASI Fellow, lectured on Forest Watershed Research: Management under the Microscope.

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