Starker Lecture focuses on forest watersheds

The recent 2012 Starker Lecture Series at Oregon State University (OSU) included a full-day Oregon Forests and Water Symposium co-sponsored by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI). The symposium highlighted new findings from the Watersheds Research Cooperative at OSU.

In the individual lecture series, Dr. Jay O’Laughlin from the University of Idaho discussed The Clean Water Act: Fundamentals and Effects on Forestry. Dr. George Brown, dean emeritus from OSU, and Dr. George Ice, NCASI Fellow, lectured on Forest Watershed Research: Management under the Microscope, describing the evolution of forest practices based on watershed research. The lecture series concluded with a presentation by Dr. Kathleen Farley from the University of San Diego on Land Use, Climate Change, Water, and Other Ecosystem Services: Connecting Science to Users, Policies, and Programs.

A Capstone Field Tour to the Alsea Watershed Study Revisited was hosted by Plum Creek Timber Company, OSU, the OFRI, and NCASI.

Videos from the Watershed Symposium and lectures, as well as materials from the field tour can be found at