Forestry session at NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting

NCASI’s 2012 West Coast Regional Meeting will be held October 2-3 in Vancouver, Washington. The meeting will include a full-day forestry technical session on October 3. The agenda follows.

History of the World
George Ice, NCASI (retired)  

Technical Analysis of Silvicultural Sources in EPA Water Assessment Data
John Beebe, NCASI 

Bob Bilby, Weyerhaeuser Company  

Mercury Cycling in Forested Watersheds: Can Land Management Practices Influence Ecological Risk?
Collin Eagles-Smith, United States Geological Survey  

The Importance of Paired Watershed Studies
TBD, Oregon Department of Forestry  

Sediment in California
Kevin Faucher, Campbell Group  

The Status of RipStream Rulemaking and Analysis
Jeremy Groom, Oregon Department of Forestry  

Update on Road Culverts as Point Sources
Erik Schilling, NCASI  

Mt. St. Helens Elk
John Cook and Rachel Cook, NCASI 

Ungulate Browse and Vegetation Response across a Gradient in Management Intensity
Thomas Stokely, Oregon State University  

Effects of Intensive Forest Management on Birds, Arthropods, and Food Web Dynamics in Young Douglas-fir Plantations
Matthew Betts, Oregon State University  

Spotted Owl Critical Habitat—Wrong Scale, Wrong Models, Wrong Conclusions
Larry Irwin, NCASI 

The Role of Retained Structures in Managed Forests
Gary Roloff and Dan Linden, Michigan State University  

Avian Community Responses to Environmental and Anthropogenic Disturbances
A.J. Kroll, Weyerhaeuser Company 

Does Energy Mediate the Response of Birds to Within-Stand Forest Structure?
Jake Verschuyl, NCASI