Effects of bioenergy production on wildlife

The Wildlife Society recently released Technical Review 12-03, titled Effects of Bioenergy Production on Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat, authored by a TWS committee chaired by Dr. Susan Rupp of Enviroscapes Ecological Consulting. Two NCASI scientists, Dr. Jake Verschuyl and Dr. Ben Wigley, served on the committee. The review addresses bioenergy production on agricultural lands and croplands, grasslands, forest ecosystems, and algae and aquatic feedstocks. In the document, the authors analyze the latest scientific literature on the effects of growing, managing, and harvesting feedstocks for bioenergy on wildlife and wildlife habitat, and provide information that will help site managers better predict consequences of managing bioenergy feedstocks. The review is at http://www.wildlife.org/publications/technical-reviews.


Contact information 

  • Dr. Jake Verschuyl at (360) 293-4748 ext. 22, jverschuyl@ncasi.org 
  • Dr. Ben Wigley at (864) 656-0840, bwigley@ncasi.org