Volume 25, No. 02 - April 15, 2013

Federal permits not required for stormwater discharges from forest roads

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that the Clean Water Act does not require permitting of stormwater discharges from forest roads (Decker v. NEDC).

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Results of NCASI elk research incorporated in new Forest Service habitat models

The U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station has announced that updated landscape models are available that “pinpoint where elk are likely to thrive.” These habitat models consider factors that directly influence elk population performance through nutritional pathways that affect reproductive success, growth of calves, and overwinter survival. NCASI scientists Drs. John and Rachel Cook developed the nutritional component of the models.

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NCASI scientist joins board of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Dr. Larry Irwin, NCASI Fellow and Western Wildlife Program Manager, has accepted an invitation to join the board of directors of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. RMEF is a leader in the management and conservation of habitat for elk and other wildlife.

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Spatial variation in habitat selection by cerulean warblers

To answer questions about potential relationships between forest management and cerulean warblers, NCASI recently helped coordinate a series of activities by the Cerulean Warbler Conservation Initiative .The Initiative included a large-scale habitat experiment in the core of the species’ range in the Appalachian Mountains. Selected results from the experiment have been published in the article “Spatial variation in breeding habitat selection by cerulean warblers (Setophaga cerulea) throughout the Appalachian Mountains” (The Auk 130(1):46−59).

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New version of GForest

GForest+ is a new version of NCASI’s online tool for accessing and analyzing public data produced by the Forest Inventory and Analysis program of the U.S. Forest Service.

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Forestry session at Northern Regional Meeting

Arrangements are nearly complete for NCASI’s 2013 Northern Regional Meeting to be held May 8-9 in Wausau, Wisconsin.

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