New version of GForest

GForest+ is a new version of NCASI’s online tool for accessing and analyzing public data produced by the Forest Inventory and Analysis program of the U.S. Forest Service. GForest+ has all of the analysis capabilities of its predecessors SOLE and GForest, along with some new capabilities.

  • Produce annual trends based on moving window means. This gives means for each year that has annual inventory data, which is more than 10 for most states.
  • Short term projections can be included with the trend analyses. Options for the projections are found on the Analysis Tab. The projections can be business as usual (BAU), or they can include decreases or increases in harvest levels relative to BAU. One use of this is to explore how growth over removals ratios will change if harvest levels are increased.
  • Table rows and columns can be based on either current values or previous values of qualitative variables. For example, a table could present removals where rows show the current hardwood/softwood classification and the columns show the pre-removals classification.

Most GForest+ capabilities are open to the public, but special reports require a password that is available only to NCASI member organizations. An introduction slide show about the new capabilities is posted at Find GForest+  at 


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