Oregon watershed stewardship conferences

Two recent conferences at Oregon State University presented valuable information on watershed stewardship.

Sediment Symposium: Quantifying In-Stream Sediment and Biotic Responses.
Invited experts from across the U.S. discussed physical processes controlling amounts and distributions of fine sediments in streams and their biological impacts. Video recordings of presentations are at http://oregonstate.edu/conferences/event/2013sedimentsummit/.
A synthesis document is in development.

A Watershed Research Cooperative Paired Watershed Conference: Key Findings on the Environmental Impact of Contemporary Forest Practices. Speakers highlighted initial key results from paired watershed studies at three research sites in Oregon: Hinkle Creek, Trask, and Alsea.

Presentations and more about the meeting can be found at http://wrcpairedwatershed2013.com/presentations/. Many of the presentations will be developed for peer-review journals.   

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