Forestry session at NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting

NCASI’s 2013 West Coast Regional Meeting will be held October 1-2 in Vancouver, Washington. The meeting will include a full-day forestry technical session on October 2. The agenda follows.

Interactions between Intensive Forest Management, Cervid Foraging, and Early Seral Habitat
Thomas Stokely, Oregon State University 

Initial Experimental Effects of Intensive Forest Management on Bird Abundance in Early Seral Forests
Jake Verschuyl, NCASI 

Avian Demography across a Gradient of Management Intensity in Early Seral Plantation Forests
Jim Rivers, Oregon State University 

The Influence of Herbicides and Succession on the Nutritional Ecology of Black-Tailed Deer in Forests of Western Washington
Lisa Shipley, Washington State University 

Amphibian Responses to Downed Wood Retention in Managed Forests: A Prospectus for Future Harvesting in the Pacific Northwest, USA
A.J. Kroll, Weyerhaeuser Company 

Biological Basis for Revisions of the Northwest Forest Plan
Steve Mealey, USDA Forest Service (ret.) 

Riparian Buffers and Salmonid Production in Headwater Streams of Western Oregon
Steve Cramer, Cramer Fish Sciences 

Salmonid Responses to a Large Storm Disturbance
Jason Walter and Brian Fransen, Weyerhaeuser Company 

Lessons from Cross-Site Studies of Forested Watersheds: Trends in Water Quality and Effects of Disturbances
Alba Argerich, Oregon State University
Sherri Johnson, USDA Forest Service

Herbicides in Streamwater following an Application According to Oregon’s Best Management Practices
Jeff Louch, NCASI 

Forest Service Aquatic and Riparian Management Research and a West-Side Restoration Strategy
Paul Anderson and Sherri Johnson, USDA Forest Service 

NCASI Forest Watershed Program Overview
Robert Danehy, NCASI 

If you have questions about the meeting, please contact Steve Stratton. For matters regarding the Forest Management Session, contact Dr. Bob Danehy.


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