Volume 26, No. 01 - February 28, 2014

Wisconsin Forest Practices Study

The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association and Wisconsin County Forests Association are addressing information gaps regarding the costs and benefits of forest policies, regulations, and guidelines in Wisconsin through a project known as the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study (WFPS). NCASI is involved in a technical support role.

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Symposium on the effectiveness of forestry BMPs

To promote discussion of recent findings from forestry BMP effectiveness research and how they relate to such questions, NCASI and partners are organizing a “Symposium on Forestry Best Management Practice Effectiveness in the Eastern U.S.” Abstract submissions are currently being sought.

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BMP effectiveness study in Louisiana

Investigators at Louisiana State University have been conducting a watershed-scale study of BMP effectiveness with support from Plum Creek Timber Company, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and NCASI. Important results were presented in “Effects of timber harvesting on dissolved oxygen in a northern Louisiana headwater stream” (Forest Science 59:127-138).

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FIA National User Group Meeting

The Forest Inventory and Analysis program of the USDA Forest Service is the most important source of data and information about forest conditions and trends in the US. FIA data are used for wood supply analysis, conservation planning, carbon cycle modeling, and many others. The 2014 National FIA User Group Meeting will be in Salt Lake City at the Hilton City Center on March 19-20.

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Effects of carbon dioxide and nitrogen deposition on forest carbon sequestration

A modeling study led by scientists from Auburn University indicates that atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and nitrogen deposition rates have been significant drivers of forest carbon sequestration in the US South over the last century. Results are presented in “Century-scale responses of ecosystem carbon storage and flux to multiple environmental changes in the southern United States” (Ecosystems 15:674-694).

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New book on global forestry challenges

Dr. Trevor M. Fenning is the editor of Challenges and Opportunities for the World's Forests in the 21st Century (Springer Academic Publishers). This book addresses threats and challenges to the world's forests posed by climate change, conservation objectives, sustainable development needs, and the growing demand for affordable energy.

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