Volume 26, No. 02 - March 31, 2014

In Memoriam: Alan A. Lucier

Dr. Alan Lucier, NCASI Senior Vice President, passed away suddenly on Thursday, March 27, 2014. Al was a dedicated and insightful leader of NCASI for more than thirty years. In addition to being an accomplished professional, Al was a warm, friendly, stalwart presence in the NCASI community.  NCASI will greatly miss our friend and colleague.

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2014 NCASI Northern Regional Meeting forestry session to focus on sustainability issues and information needs

All who are interested in the sustainable management of northern forests are invited to attend NCASI’s 2014 Northern Regional Meeting forestry session, to be held May 7-8 at the Jefferson Street Inn in Wausau, Wisconsin. The session, titled “Sustainable Forestry in the North: Issues and Information Needs,” will include a variety of speakers from within and outside the Lake States.

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NCASI climate change research

Two new studies add to NCASI’s long history of climate change research. In the first, Dr. Craig Loehle develops a method for calculating climate sensitivity, which is the amount that the Earth warms for a doubling of CO2 or equivalent forcings. In the second paper, Loehle evaluates the likely response of northern latitude trees to warming.

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Wood Bioenergy and Land Use

Resources for the Future is distributing a discussion paper titled Wood Bioenergy and Land Use: A Challenge to the Searchinger Hypothesis.

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