Forestry technical session scheduled for NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting

The 2014 NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, September 23 and 24, at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Washington. The meeting will include a full-day forestry technical session on Wednesday, September 24. Speakers and topics follow.

Controls of Summer Stream Temperature in the Pacific Northwest

Timothy Mayer, US Fish and Wildlife Service 

Biological Responses to Stream Nutrients in Experimental Forests: A Science Synthesis for Regulatory Agencies

Doug Ryan, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Station (ret.) 

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Current TFW Shade Methodology for Measuring Attenuation of Solar Radiation to the Stream

Michael Bonoff, Mason, Bruce & Girard 

The Attainability Problem for Forest Water Quality

Craig Loehle, NCASI 

Waters of the United States: A Forestry Perspective

Erik Schilling, NCASI 

Forest Management Influences on Caribou: Foraging Ecology in Alpine and Boreal Habitats

Darren Sleep, NCASI 

Breeding Bird Responses to Experimental Manipulation of Riparian Buffer Width: Ten Years Post-Harvest

Scott Pearson, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife 

Early Seral Forests: Diverse Origins, Diverse Values

Mark Swanson, Washington State University 

Diversity and Abundance of Lepidoptera across a Gradient of Forest Management Intensity

Jake Verschuyl, NCASI 

Barred Owl Removal

Lowell Diller, Green Diamond Resource Company (invited) 

Critique of Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat Analysis

Craig Loehle, NCASI 

If you have questions about the meeting, please contact Steve Stratton. For matters regarding the forestry session, contact Dr. Bob Danehy or Dr. Jake Verschuyl.


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