Two projects initiated through the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study

In recent decades there has been much discussion and debate regarding the costs and benefits of evolving forest policies, regulations, and guidelines in the United States. The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association and Wisconsin County Forests Association are addressing information gaps about costs and benefits of changing forest policy in Wisconsin through a project known as the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study (WFPS). NCASI is assisting with administration of WFPS research activities.

Recently, two projects were initiated as part of the WFPS. The Wisconsin Wood Supply Assessment will be conducted by a team of researchers from Virginia Tech and the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point who will provide a quantitative assessment of the available timber supply in Wisconsin. The assessment will start with current forest inventory data from the US Forest Service, but will take into consideration factors known to constrain forest harvesting, such as parcel size, soils, and population density. Their efforts will also provide current information on harvesting decisions by private landowners and the status of the logging workforce and its capacity to harvest and transport wood fiber to mills. All of these efforts will be integrated to study Wisconsin's wood supply chain and the availability of wood fiber for industry use.

The second project, the Wisconsin Wood Fiber Supply Chain Costs Analysis, will document the costs of each link in the wood fiber supply chain and compare these costs to three other US regions. The analysis will also include an overview of the current timber marketing system for eastern Canada and a comparison to the US and Wisconsin timber markets. The foundational data to support the fiber cost analysis will be derived from compiled transactional delivered load cost data including cost components from the stump to the mill. Work on this project will be completed by a team of experts from Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc. and Forest2Market Inc.

More information about the WFPS, including these two projects, is available at Questions and requests for additional information may also be directed to Fred Souba, WFPS Project Manager.


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