National Association of State Foresters offers online forestry BMP information resources

The National Association of State Foresters (NASF) recently made available online up-to-date information about state forestry best management practice (BMP) programs. The material was developed with funding provided by the NASF, USDA Forest Service, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Access to the BMP information is available through an online map. Users can click on a state to learn whether a state BMP program is regulatory, quasi-regulatory or non-regulatory. Users can also learn which state agencies are responsible for BMP policy development, view the latest state recommendations for BMPs implementation, and access results from a comprehensive survey of state BMP programs as well a comprehensive literature review of BMP effectiveness. 

The BMP survey and literature review were conducted by a team of Virginia Tech researchers including Dr. W. Mike Aust, Dr. Chad Bolding, Dr. Scott Barrett, and graduate student Richie Cristan. Survey results describe, for each state, silvicultural activities covered by BMPs, approaches to BMP implementation, responsible agencies, effectiveness monitoring methods being used, BMP implementation rates, and the current level of budget and staffing dedicated to forest-related water quality protection.  The literature review summarizes findings from the latest research on BMP effectiveness.

The online resources are available at