New satellite global temperature data released

The University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) has released a new version of satellite global temperature data. Microwave sounding unit satellites cover the whole globe except for the polar regions and estimate lower troposphere temperature from microwave readings.

Satellite data are not affected by factors such as urban heat island effects and changes in instrumentation. However, the data must be combined across multiple satellites because the orbit of an individual satellite decays over time, and other corrections and computations are necessary.

Over approximately 37 years of data, the prior version of the UAH data showed 1.4°C/Century warming but the new release shows 1.1°C/Century. The new version of data also shows the recent “pause” in warming for 18 years. Some differences exist, however, between the UAH satellite temperature data set and others such as the Remote Sensing Systems data set.

The April 2015 version of the UAH data is available at  

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