Restructuring at NCASI

To better align NCASI with the needs of its members and fiscal realities, NCASI has undertaken a modest restructuring. Dirk Krouskop, NCASI President, announced details of this action in April and discussed the matter during the NCASI Northern Regional Meeting held in Wausau, Wisconsin in May and again at the Southern Regional Meeting in June.

While most of the changes associated with the restructuring are related to internal workflow among the NCASI staff, some will be of interest to members. 

  • NCASI will consolidate laboratory functions at the Southern Center in Newberry, Florida. The West Coast Center laboratory functions are being relocated to Newberry but NCASI will retain an office in Corvallis. The transition of lab functions to Newberry is underway and will be complete by the third quarter of this year.
  • NCASI will close its office in Kalamazoo, Michigan effective June 30. Certain staff will remain in Kalamazoo and NCASI is organized to maintain all existing services to members in the Northern Region including support of the Northern Regional Committee and annual Northern Regional Meeting.
  • NCASI is initiating a new, multi-disciplinary Member Coordination Team comprised of several staff with shared responsibilities for maintaining communications and services with Member operating facilities and corporate staff.  Communications between staff and NCASI Members in this regard are in process and are designed to maintain the highly valued and close connection between NCASI and the operations of its Member companies. As this process evolves, Members should continue to contact NCASI in the manner in which they are most accustomed.
  • As part of its restructuring, NCASI is currently seeking to fill two positions:  A Principal Chemist/Laboratory Services Manager; and a Principal Scientist - Health Effects and Exposure Assessment.  These positions have been posted on NCASI’s website.

Mr. Krouskop will provide a status update related to the NCASI restructuring at the West Coast Regional Meeting to be held September 26-28 in Vancouver, Washington. Overall, this restructuring will result in a stronger, more agile organization that is well-suited to meeting the present and future needs of NCASI’s Membership.

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