Volume 6, No. 01 - March 31, 2010

Water profile of the Canadian forest products industry

NCASI Technical Bulletin No. 975, Water Profile of the Canadian Forest Products Industry, provides both a quantitative and qualitative overview of the role of Canadian forest products manufacturing and forest management to water resource availability and quality.

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Treatment options for wood pile leachates and runoff

NCASI Technical Bulletin No. 974, Characterization, Toxicology, and Management and Treatment Options for Wood Pile Leachates and Runoff: Part II – Case Studies, examines the characteristics and effectiveness of various leachate/stormwater full-scale treatment systems in operation across Canada. Treatments include aerated ponds, irrigation, wetlands, sand filtration, biological trickling filtration, and natural attenuation.

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NCASI launches Environmental Footprint Comparison Tool

NCASI has recently launched a new website tool for member companies. The Environmental Footprint Comparison Tool (EFCT) is a web-based information resource designed to help NCASI members convey to stakeholders the challenges faced in simultaneously meeting a broad array of environmental objectives.

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Research review: Canadian forestry practices and water resources

NCASI recently published Technical Bulletin No. 969, Effects of Forest Management on Water Resources in Canada: A Research Review. The report discusses watershed studies, stand-level research, and simulation models, and summarizes studies conducted at more than 25 research watersheds. Results demonstrate that impacts of forest management on water quantity (e.g., peak flow, annual flow) and water quality (e.g., stream temperature, nutrient concentrations) are highly variable and depend on topography, subsurface geology, climate, forest type, and other factors.

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NCASI seeking members to test Carbon Footprint Estimator (FEFPro)

NCASI recently developed a carbon footprint calculation tool Footprint Estimator for Forest PROducts or FEFPro) that conforms to important international standards and accounting protocols to the degree possible while allowing companies the flexibility to select footprint boundary conditions and use a combination of generic and company-specific data. NCASI is seeking member company representatives who would like to beta test FEFPro over the next few weeks.

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