Volume 6, No. 02 - October 27, 2010

NCASI participates in Canadian Water Summit and IWA World Water Congress

NCASI recently published water profiles for the Canadian and US forest products industries. The profiles contain a quantitative estimate of water associated with forest products manufacturing as well as forest management. NCASI was requested to present the Canadian industry’s water profile at the inaugural Canadian Water Summit, held in Toronto on June 17, 2010.

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NCASI caribou research under way

NCASI has launched a multi-year research program into the nutritional needs of woodland caribou. The past two years have been spent establishing a herd of tame caribou, and research has begun to develop detailed quantitative relationships between the condition of the caribou and the specific nutrition needs from their food supply.

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Developing the “Top 40” conservation questions for Canada

Recently, an international group of researchers led by Dr. Murray Rudd of the University of York (UK) initiated a project to help bridge the gap between conservation scientists and policy makers. A multi-phase research project was designed to provide the scientific community with a list of the “Top 40” research questions that, if answered, would be highly useful to policy makers.

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FAO issues report by NCASI on the global forest industry’s carbon profile

Over the last several years, NCASI has prepared a series of reports examining the carbon and greenhouse gas profiles of the forest products industry. In 2009, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) asked NCASI to prepare an updated review of the profile of the global industry. The report containing that review, Impact of the Global Forest Industry on Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases, has been released by FAO.

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Overview of Canadian ambient air monitoring programs

NCASI Special Report No. 10-01, Overview of Canadian Ambient Air Monitoring Programs, describes ambient air quality monitoring networks in Canada in terms of their structure, management locations, operation practices, as well as data processing and availability. The ambient air monitoring programs in the four provinces that host the largest number of forest products industry manufacturing facilities (BC, AB, ON, QC) are described in further detail.

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