Volume 7, No. 02 - May 13, 2011

Forest management’s role in helping maintain conservation values

NCASI participated in a review of criteria and indicators, published by the Yale School of Forestry in 2005, which examined criteria used by global conservation organizations in the designation of conservation priorities around biodiversity. NCASI recently published Technical Bulletin No. 983, The Role of Forest Management in Maintaining Conservation Values. In the report, these criteria are reviewed and are explored in terms of their foundations in science and societal priorities.

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Overview of LCA-related standards

Several LCA standards are available or being developed that deal with various life cycle attributes of products. The following list is not exhaustive but rather presents the major initiatives.

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NCASI launches Forest Biomass Cooperative

NCASI is organizing a Forest Biomass Cooperative (FBC) to sponsor and direct scientific investigations that will support sustainable production and use of biomass grown in forestry and agro-forestry settings. Participation in the FBC is open to biomass producers, traditional forest products companies, and new users of biomass resources that are not eligible for regular NCASI membership.

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Forest Biomass Cooperative – Results of recent investigations

NCASI’s work on carbon emissions from biomass has been used extensively in industry discussions with government agencies, academics, and environmental groups in the US and in Canada. Given that USEPA recently decided to defer regulation of carbon emissions from biomass for three years and “seek further independent scientific analysis of this complex issue and then to develop a rulemaking on how these emissions should be treated in determining whether a Clean Air Act permit is required”, it is expected that additional NCASI technical work on carbon neutrality and related topics will be needed.

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NCASI participates in International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference

NCASI participated in the 2011 TAPPI International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference (IBBC) held in Atlanta the week of March 14th. Dr. Ilich Lama gave a platform presentation summarizing published information regarding wood residue inventories in Canada, for biomass materials that are currently collected for beneficial use or which are likely to be beneficially used in the future due to their potential abundance.

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