Volume 8, No. 02 - October 3, 2012

NCASI's Canadian Operations celebrates 10-year anniversary

In the summer of 2002, NCASI opened an office in Montreal to begin operations in Canada. Since then, 19 Canadian forest products companies have joined. Over the past 10 years, NCASI-Canada has published 45 technical bulletins and reports, and responded to hundreds of site-specific requests for member assistance.


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Allocation methods for life cycle assessments of forest products

NCASI will soon release two technical bulletins: Technical Bulletin 1002, Methods for Co-Product Allocation in Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment Studies of Forest Products; and Technical Bulletin 1003, Methods for Open-Loop Recycling Allocation in Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint Studies of Paper Products. 


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Assessing species at risk

Due to the priority placed on conserving species that are at higher extinction risk, it is vital that risk assessments are accurate, reliable, repeatable, and transparent. However, reliable risk assessment procedures require significant investments of time, data, and effort, and are relatively complex. To help understand these complexities, NCASI will soon release a Technical Bulletin titled Review of the History and Scientific Basis for Species at Risk Listings in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities.


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Reducing in-plant spent pulping liquor losses

Reducing and recovering losses of spent pulping liquors can result in better performance of wastewater treatment systems, decreased “pass through” of substances that may resist biological degradation, and incremental benefits to the mill’s energy generation and chemical cost profiles. NCASI recently published Special Report No. 12-02, Approaches for In-Plant Reduction of Spent Pulping Liquor Losses.


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GHG-related activities of note

NCASI recently reviewed the December 21, 2011 amendments to the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) “Harmonized” Essential GHG Reporting Requirements (ERs) for Canadian Jurisdictions implemented in response to revisions to the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) GHG reporting rule and to input on technical issues from various WCI partner jurisdictions.


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Literature review on relationship between pH and acute toxicity of substances present in pulp and paper mill effluents

Environment Canada’s Pulp and Paper Effluent regulations do not currently allow use of pH stabilization during the acute lethality testing of pulp and paper mill effluents. NCASI will soon release a Technical Bulletin, a report summarizing research on the effect of pH on the acute bioassay response to ammonia, resin acids, hydrogen sulphide, various heavy metals, and phenolic compounds. This review highlights the importance of implementing pH stabilization techniques during regulatory acute toxicity testing.


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Chantal Lavigne joins NCASI’s Canadian Operations

NCASI is pleased to announce that Chantal Lavigne has joined NCASI as Senior Research Scientist. She assumed her responsibilities at NCASI’s Montreal office earlier this month.

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