Volume 10, No. 02 - September 24, 2014

Compilation of Canadian Provincial and Federal Regulations Relevant to Forest Management Activities

NCASI recently released Special Report No.14-03, Compilation of Canadian Provincial and Federal Regulations Relevant to Forest Management Activities. The report offers a comprehensive overview of the Canadian federal and provincial regulatory environment as it pertains to forest management. 

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Sustainability Metrics and Programs for Bioenergy Feedstock and Biofuels Derived from North American Forests

Use of biomass as a renewable energy source is increasing on an international scale. In some cases, this increased use is, at least in part, a result of regulatory initiatives that mandate the use of renewable fuels to supply specified percentages of the total amount of fuel used in transportation, heating, and/or electricity generation. Regulatory initiatives are discussed in Special Report No. 14-02

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Revised NCASI NPRI Handbooks for pulp and paper and wood products

Updated emission factors and process material information have been incorporated into the new NPRI Handbook for Pulp and Paper Facilities and NPRI Handbook for Wood Products Facilities. The updated NPRI Handbooks will be released by the end of October 2014.

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NCASI Water Recycle Tool now available

A number of water sustainability initiatives request information on water recycle and reuse. NCASI has developed the NCASI Water Recycle Tool to facilitate mill-specific estimates of water recycle at pulp and paper mills, and to generate output for prominent sustainability reporting initiatives.

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Water sustainability updates

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published their international water footprinting standard, ISO 14046, on July 24th, 2014. NCASI has reviewed WaterStat and other water availability databases as part of a larger review of water sustainability tools.

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