Volume 12, No. 01 - July 29, 2016

Restructuring at NCASI

Restructuring at NCASI To better align NCASI with the needs of its members and fiscal realities, NCASI has undertaken a modest restructuring. Dirk Krouskop, NCASI President, announced details of this action in April and discussed the matter during the NCASI Canadian Steering Committee meeting in June. Whi

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NCASI consolidates analytical services to Florida

In the coming weeks, NCASI will complete the consolidation of most analytical services functions into existing facilities at the Southern Regional Center in Newberry, Florida. This consolidation will involve decommissioning the laboratory at the Corvallis, Oregon office and relocating useable equipment from Corvallis to Newberry.

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NCASI West Coast Regional Manager retires

Steve Stratton, Regional Manager of NCASI’s West Coast Regional Center, retired from NCASI May 31, 2016. Steve has served the forest products industry as a skilled engineer, researcher, and manager for the past 34 years. 

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Vice named to lead NCASI Sustainable Manufacturing & Climate Program

Vice named to lead NCASI Sustainable Manufacturing & Climate Program   Kirsten Vice has been named Vice President – Sustainable Manufacturing & Canadian Operations. Ms. Vice has served as the Vice President of Canadian Operations since joining NCASI in 2002 and assumed responsibility for Sustaina

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Dr. Steve Prisley joins NCASI as forest biometrician and economist

Dr. Steve Prisley joins NCASI as forest biometrician and economist   NCASI is pleased to welcome Dr. Stephen P. Prisley as forest biometrician and economist. Dr. Prisley has worked in the area of natural resource inventory, monitoring, and assessment for over 30 years as a forest inventory and geospatial

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Environmental Product Declarations webcast

Environmental Product Declarations webcast EPDs are of growing interest in the marketplace. In 2015, the Environmental Paper Network (EPN) announced that it has retained the services of SCS Global Services to steer the development of product category rules (PCRs) for roundwood, market pulp, and paper products

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NCASI publishes fact sheet on life cycle assessments of forest products

NCASI staff recently prepared a fact sheet on life cycle assessments (LCAs) to demystify some of the most important choices that must be made by the authors of LCAs and to equip readers to interpret the results with some objectivity.

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