Jared Miller

Laboratory Research Assistant
Location: Southern Regional Center – Newberry, FL


Jared is an experienced Laboratory Research Assistant with a demonstrated history of working with a variety of protocols in the laboratory and field environments. He joined NCASI in October 2018 as a Laboratory Research Assistant. Currently a member of the Analytical Support Group, he assists with bench chemistry methods and research development on all projects where needed. He is skilled in analytical chemistry, quality control, quality assurance, data analysis, molecular biology, and genetics. Formerly a Field Technician for the NSF funded National Ecological Observatory Network and a Laboratory Researcher under Dr. Stuart McDaniel at the University of Florida studying molecular genetics and evolutionary mechanisms in moss model systems.


Associate Degree in Physical Sciences from St. Petersburg College
Further studies in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Florida

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

Analytical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and organismal biology, genetics, ecology, and botany.

Awards and Career Highlights

Received Thad Owen’s Memorial Research Award while at the McDaniel Lab at the University of Florida for a project to assess the degree of partner fidelity between fungal and algal partners in nitrogen fixing lichen.

Phone: 352-331-1745 x7902