Jenna Pochy

Research Associate
Location: Southern Regional Center – Newberry, FL


Jenna Pochy is a research associate in the Analytical Laboratory at the Newberry Offices and Lab. She has been with NCASI since June 2018 and has experience in benchwork, fieldwork, and policy analysis and implementation. Jenna has previously worked with the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Environmental Resource Permitting Department working on wetland compliance and permitting, and with a start-up company aiming to remove phosphorus from eutrophic water bodies. She has extensive volunteer experience in natural resources working with Brevard County Zoo, the Florida Aquarium,  University of South Florida, Hillsborough County, and the University of Florida. Her expertise has allowed her to participate in NCASI projects involving bioassay testing, wastewater microbiology, and water quality analysis.


B.S. in Environmental Biology, University of South Florida

B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy, University of South Florida.

M.S. in Ecological Restoration, University of Florida

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

Aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology, Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) testing, microbial characterization, GIS and spatial analysis, water quality chemistry

Phone: (352) 329-1007