Laureen Echiverri

Canadian Forestry Analyst
Location: Independent – Edmonton, Alberta


Dr. Laureen Echiverri is a vegetation ecologist with interests in applied forest ecology research. Prior to joining NCASI, she was a postdoctoral researcher with the Canadian Forest Service, at the Northern Forestry Centre, where she examined the impact of linear disturbances on vegetation and wildlife. She completed both her Ph.D. and MSc at the University of Alberta. Her Ph.D. work was on the edge influence of linear disturbances on vegetation and vegetation response to the restoration of linear disturbances. For her MSc thesis, she studied the use of a LIDAR-derived moisture index to identify trends in understory diversity and understory recovery to harvesting at the EMEND experimental area of northern Alberta.


Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, University of Alberta
MSc in Forest Biology and Management, University of Alberta
BS in Environmental Science, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
BA in Cultural Anthropology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

Vegetation ecology, Forest ecology, Peatland ecology, Disturbance ecology

Phone: (587) 401-2223