Vickie Tatum

Technical Communications Specialist / Forest Chemical Program Manager
Location: Independent – Warne, NC


Dr. Vickie Tatum works in the Chemical Management and Health Effects Program, providing toxicology support across all NCASI programs. Since her start with NCASI in 1993, Vickie has worked on a diverse array of projects addressing issues, including workplace measurement methods, pulp mill community health, health impacts of odors, derivation of human health-based ambient water quality criteria, and direct and indirect effects of herbicides on wildlife. Currently, her primary area of interest is silvicultural chemical use, especially the impacts of forest herbicide use on water quality and non-target organisms. Vickie has also recently been involved in research on ambient air quality, with projects focused on EPA’s Next Generation Compliance program and the use of low-cost sensors marketed to the citizen scientist.


PhD. in Toxicology, University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
B.S. in Animal Science, University of Kentucky

Research capabilities and/or focus areas

Herbicide use in operational forestry, ambient air quality monitoring, hydrogen sulfide toxicology and measurement

Awards and Career Highlights

  • Author/coauthor of 19 scientific journal publications and 24 NCASI Technical Bulletins, Special Reports, and white papers.
  • Frequent invited speaker on forestry herbicide use at scientific meetings, continuing education courses, and meetings organized by regulatory agencies.
Phone: (352) 244-0886