Caribou Regional Manager Van Maltby Sample Collection on the Willamette River Caribou nutrition

Caribou Nutrition

NCASI is investigating the nutritional needs of caribou in a multi-year program to identify options for enhancing the viability of caribou populations in managed boreal forests. Read more ›

Testing Mill Effluents

Regional Manager Van Maltby prepares a sample of kraft mill effluent for an ultimate BOD determination. Read more ›

Long-Term Receiving Water Study

Bill Arthurs and Joan Ikoma collect data on fish, macroinvertebrate and periphyton populations and communities for NCASI's Long-Term Receiving Water Study (LTRWS). Read more ›

Caribou Nutrition

Research using NCASI's tame caribou herd is leading to ground-breaking knowledge that will aid in caribou conservation. Read more ›


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What's New

NCASI will hold two SARA Section 313 Form R Reporting Web Workshops this year. The session for pulp and paper mill personnel will be held on Tuesday, April 14, and the session for wood products personnel will be held on Thursday, April 16.
A Comprehensive Compilation and Review of Combination Wood-Fired Boiler Emissions
Comparison of Standards, Protocols and Tools for Carbon Footprints with Implication for Forest Products
EPA - Water Analytical Methods - Proposed Rule Updating and Revising Analytical Methods and Sampling Procedures for Testing of Wastewater