Canadian Steering Committee

The NCASI Board of Governors appoints a U.S. Steering Committee and a Steering Committee in Canada. These committees are composed of Member Company senior personnel familiar with the environmental issues facing the forest products industry. The Steering Committees meet several times annually to identify and prioritize the research projects undertaken by NCASI’s Technical Studies Program and to monitor progress toward achieving program results. Ad hoc committees and specialists convene as needed to provide expert advice in specific fields, such as forestry and health effects.

Chair – Melissa Guglich – Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
Vice-Chair – Robert Dufresne – Resolute FP Canada Inc.

Caroline Aguilar – WestRock Canada

Heather Bartlett – Columbia Forest Products (Canada)

Branden Beatty – West Fraser Mills, Ltd.

Eric Beaubien – Cariboo Pulp & Paper Co.

Samuel Bourque – Resolute FP Canada LLC

Cliff Bowling – Georgia-Pacific LLC

Derrick Cameron – Port Hawkesbury Paper

Eric Carrier – Twin Rivers Paper Company (Canada)

Kathy Collins – Domtar, Inc. (Canada)

Isabelle Courcy – Boisaco

John Deal – Western Forest Products

Julie Deschesnes – Groupe Forestra Cooperative

Carol Gagné – Stadacona Papers

Louis-Serge Gagnon – WestRock Canada

Patrick Hagerty – Cariboo Pulp & Paper Co.

Al Hambley – Louisiana-Pacific Corp.

Brett Hooper – Arauco North America (Canada)

Molly Hudson – Mosaic Forest Management

Tom Hudson – Weyerhaeuser Co. Canada

Shenandoah Johns – West Fraser Mills, Ltd.

Leigh Johnston – Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Ltd.

Donna Kanarek – Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

Donna Kopecky – Louisiana-Pacific Corp.

Brian Kozlowski – Domtar, Inc. (Canada)

Debra Lane – RYAM

Guillaume Lavoie – Masonite International Corp.

Vince Martell – West Fraser Mills, Ltd.

Pierre Martin – Uniboard Canada, Inc.

Bob Mason – Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

Danielle Melchior – Council of Forest Industries

Brian Mooney – RYAM

Daniel Moore – Alberta Newsprint Company

Ken Munnoch – GreenFirst Forest Products, Inc.

Jeffrey Mycock – West Fraser Mills, Ltd.

Leigh Nelson – Domtar, Inc. (Canada)

Jeffrey O’Hearn – Panolam Industries International, Inc.

Katia Oschwald – Norbord Canada

Undram Peebles – Tolko Industries Ltd.

Jamie Percy – Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

Corina Popovici – Resolute FP Canada Inc.

Shelly Pruden – International Paper

Steve Purves – Wagner Ontario Forest Management Ltd.

Annabeth Reitter – Domtar Industries, Inc.

Lindsay Sahaydak – Canfor Corporation

Bettina Sander – Western Forest Products

Furqan Shaikh – Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

Jeff Shipton – Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

Janis Simpkins – Tolko Industries Ltd.

Trevor Speck – Arauco North America (Canada)

Quentin Syryda – Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

Jennifer Tallman – Interfor Corporation

Thomas Tarpey – Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd.

James Taylor – WestRock Company

Michael Towers – Tolko Industries Ltd.

Etienne Vezina – Resolute FP Canada Inc.

Lindsey Webb – Manulife Investment Management

Denise Wlodyka – Masonite International Corp.