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Technical Bulletins & Special Reports

Results of the NCASI Technical Studies Program are most often published as Technical Bulletins. Since 1943, NCASI has produced more than 1,000 titles in this series.

Special Reports present findings of special studies in such areas as environmental protection expenditures, measurement methods, and control technology development. NCASI ceased production of Special Reports as a separate category in 2019, and now shares such information in Technical Bulletins or in other publication formats.

All NCASI Technical Bulletins and Special Reports are archived on this site and available to Members for download as PDF files. Printed copies may be requested by contacting gro.isacn@snoitacilbup.

Technical Bulletins & Special Reports archive

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Download list of all Special Reports (PDF)


Journal Articles

In addition to publishing results of its research studies as Technical Bulletins, NCASI frequently contributes to peer-reviewed journals and other types of external scientific literature, including government agency documents and academic theses.

Journal Articles

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Current Awareness Memoranda

NCASI alerts its Member Companies to environmental developments of significance to the forest products industry via two current awareness series. Corporate Correspondent Memoranda are focused primarily on issues in the United States, and Strategic Information Memoranda address issues in Canada.

Corporate Correspondent Memoranda present information that usually has some urgency, such as an announcement of the comment period for a proposed regulation. In other cases, they announce a survey or request for information from Member Companies. All Corporate Correspondent Memoranda published since 2010, and select memoranda from earlier years, are provided on this website. (Requests for older memoranda may be directed to gro.isacn@snoitacilbup.)

Corporate Correspondent Memoranda archive

Download list of all Corporate Correspondent Memoranda (PDF)

Strategic Information Memoranda present information that usually has some strategic relevance to regulatory issues being tracked in Canada. All Strategic Information Memoranda published since 2010, and select memoranda from earlier years, are provided on this website. (Requests for older memoranda may be directed to gro.isacn@snoitacilbup.)

Strategic Information Memoranda archive

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NCASI maintains several handbooks, which are presented as resources under the relevant program areas on this website.


Fact Sheets & Briefing Notes

NCASI occasionally prepares concise informational pieces on topics of special interest to its Members.

Fact Sheets are two-page summaries of NCASI information on hot topics.

NCASI Fact Sheets archive

Briefing Notes, while more detailed than Fact Sheets, are high-level overviews of NCASI publications and/or perspective on subject areas of high importance to Member Companies.

NCASI Briefing Notes archive



NCASI recently added infographics to its publications offerings. These graphic presentations are designed to aid NCASI Member Companies in communicating with stakeholders regarding complex environmental topics.

Infographics archive


NCASI Review and Response

This category encompasses NCASI technical comments, product reviews, annotated bibliographies, and other such content.

NCASI Review and Response archive


White Papers

NCASI occasionally prepares a report or paper that does not fit within one of the publication types listed above. These documents are categorized on this website as White Papers.

White Papers archive