Methods Manual

June 15, 2011

As part of the Technical Studies Program, NCASI sometimes develops methods for analytical parameters for which no rigorously tested or validated methods are available. Once developed, these NCASI methods are frequently used for other program applications and to respond to regulatory and member company requests. The methods are compiled into a single manual to facilitate their distribution and use.

Questions regarding specific method content should be directed to the originating NCASI center listed on the cover page of each method.

I. Introduction

Introduction to the NCASI Methods Manual

II. Water, Wastewater and Process Liquid Methods

Introduction: Water, Wastewater, and Process Liquid Methods

Method RA/FA-85.02 Resin and Fatty Acids by Extraction/Ethylation and GC/FID and GC/MS Determination

Method CP-86.07 Chlorinated Phenolics in Water by In-Situ Acetylation and GC/MS Determination

Method PC-97 Determination of Phenol and Catechol in Weak and Strong Black Liquors, Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent and Effluent from Pulp and Paper

Method STER-97 Determination of Phytosterols in Wastewater Treatment Plant Influents and Biologically Treated Effluents from Pulp and Paper Mills by Gas

Method DI/MEOH-94.03 Methanol in Process Liquids and Wastewaters by GC/FID

Method COLOR 71.01 Color Measurement in Pulp Mill Wastewaters by Spectrophotometry

Method MD-99 Polar Volatile Organic Compounds in Pulp Industry Wastewaters by Microdistillation and GC-FID

Method NSV-99 Neutral Semivolatile Compounds by Dichloromethane Extraction and GC/MS

Method DI/HAPS-99.01 Selected HAPS in Condensates by GC/FID

Method SPME/MEOH-02 Methanol in Weak Black Liquor by HS-SPME/GC/FID

Method RSC-02.02 Reduced Sulfur Compounds by Direct Injection GC/PFPD

Method HIMS-W106.01 Hexazinone, Imazapyr, Metsulfuron Methyl, and Sulfometuron Methyl in Water by Solid Phase Extraction and HPLC/UV

Method POLY-W109.01 Polyphenolics in Pulp Mill Wastewaters by Spectrophotometry

Method TNTP-W10900 Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in Pulp and Paper Biologically Treated Effluent by Alkaline Persulfate Digestion

III. Air Sampling Methods

Introduction: Air Sampling Methods

Method TERPS-19.01 Select Terpenes and Terpenoids in Condensate Samples by Hexane Extraction and GC/MS Analysis

Method for Determination of Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide in Pulp Mill Bleach Plant Vents

Method 8A Determination of Sulfuric Acid Vapor or Mist and Sulfur Dioxide Emissions from Kraft Recovery Furnaces

Method CI/SG/PULP-94.02 Chilled Impinger/Silica Gel Tube Test Method at Pulp Mill Sources for Methanol, Acetone, Acetaldehyde, Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Formaldehyde

Method CI/WP-98.01 Chilled Impinger Method for Use at Wood Products Mills to Measure Formaldehyde, Methanol, and Phenol

Method IM/CAN/WP-99.02 Impinger/Canister Source Sampling Method for Selected HAPs at Wood Products Facilities

Method CI/SG/PULP-94.03 Chilled Impinger Test Method for Use on Pulp Mill Sources to Quantify Methanol Emissions

Method ISS-FP-A105.01 Impinger Source Sampling Method for Selected Aldehydes, Ketones, and Polar Compounds

V. Appendices

Appendix A – Glossary of Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations and Symbols (March 1997)

Appendix B – Guidelines and Format for Water, Wastewater and Process Liquid Methods included in the NCASI Methods Manual (March 1997)

Appendix C – Guidelines for Air Methods Included in the NCASI Methods Manual (March 1997)

Appendix D – Guidelines for Workplace Methods included in the NCASI Methods Manual (March 1997)

Appendix E – Technical Bulletin Cross Reference Guide for NCASI Methods (November 2009)