Canadian Program

 Despite the similar environmental characteristics of forest harvesting and manufacturing facilities operated by NCASI Member Companies in Canada to those operated by our U.S. Members, the different land ownership pattern and regulatory platform create unique needs for science and data to help Canadian companies cost-effectively meet their environment and sustainability goals. NCASI’s Canadian Program is grounded in a research program to address the specific needs of our Canadian Member Companies, and it is undertaken by a staff team located in Montreal, QC that is well-versed in the nuances of operating on the Canadian landscape. Our Canadian research program also leverages the strength of our program in the U.S., as well as the expertise of our U.S. staff, to provide our Canadian Members with an unparalleled resource to help them meet regulatory requirements and address stakeholder needs.

For more information on NCASI’s Canadian Program contact Kirsten Vice.

NCASI’s Canadian Publications Catalogue 2002-2023

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Overview of NCASI’s Canadian Operations and Programs

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Canadian Forestry Regulations and Standards

Canadian forestry operations are governed by a complex and continuously evolving regulatory framework based on multi-stakeholder consultation that varies with location and forest type. A set of federal legislation governs issues that span the nation, while most planning, harvesting, silviculture, water, species at risk, and conservation issues are regulated by the provincial governments.

The Canadian Forestry Regulations and Standards document summarizes regulations and standards by purpose and geographic location.

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Canadian Forest Regulations 2021

Règlements et normes encadrant la foresterie au Canada

Canadian Steering Committee and Task Group Information

The NCASI Board of Governors appoints a Steering Committee in Canada. This committee is composed of Member Company senior personnel familiar with the environmental issues facing the forest products industry.

The Canadian Steering Committee meets several times annually to identify and prioritize the research projects undertaken by NCASI’s Technical Studies Program and to monitor progress toward achieving program results. Ad hoc committees and specialists convene as needed to provide expert advice in specific fields, such as forestry and health effects.