2019 Northern Regional Workshop Presentations

May 15, 2019             Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Air Program Policy Update – Kristin Hart, WDNR Air Permit and Stationary Source Modeling Section Chief

NCASI Studies of Particulate Matter Measurement Methods – Dr. Zach Emerson, NCASI

Title V Operation Permit Expectations – Mary Oleson, WDNR Operation Permit Coordinator

Accounting for USEPA’s Revised Policy on “Ambient Air” when Selecting Receptors for Air Quality Modeling Analyses – Dan Dix, ALL4 LLC Senior Technical Manager

Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Updates – John Roth, WDNR Dispersion Modeling Team Leader

Wisconsin Paper Council Overview – Delanie Breuer, Wisconsin Paper Council

Wisconsin River Basin TMDL – Pat Oldenburg, WDNR Water Resources

Introduction to PFAS and Current National Activities – Dr. Giffe Johnson, NCASI

 Considerations for Measuring Phosphorus Impacts from Land Applied Residuals – Fred Hegeman, WDNR

 Case Study – Influence of De‐ink Mill Residuals on Soil Phosphorus – Steven Shimek, Natural Resource Solutions LLC

 Review of State Activities to Consider Revised Human Health‐Based Water Quality Criteria – Paul Wiegand, NCASI

 Wisconsin DNR Activities on PFAS – Adrian Stocks, WDNR Director, Bureau of Water Quality

Use of the Upper Tolerance Limit for Performance‐Based Effluent Targets – Dr. Brad Barnhart, NCASI