Document Distribution Policy

Documents and other information accessible on the NCASI website (with the exception of public domain and government-issued materials, such as Federal Register documents) are the sole property of NCASI and are generally protected by copyright. NCASI reports and publications are generally intended for the use of NCASI member companies and their employees.

Anonymous (public) users of this website may view, download, and print selected, publically-available NCASI documents for personal use consistent with “Fair Use” interpretations of copyright law.

Documents available only to NCASI Member Company personnel and other Registered Users of this website are intended for the exclusive and sole benefit of one or more NCASI Member Companies. Registered Users must agree to the Online End User License Agreement prior to accessing these documents.

Under this License, Registered Users are not permitted to divulge, share, provide, transmit, sell, or give NCASI documents to any third party unless that third party (i) is a NCASI Member Company or an employee of a NCASI Member Company, (ii) is a government agency with regulatory oversight of a Member Company, or (iii) is an agent of, or contractor to, a NCASI Member Company who is legally bound by a written agreement (a) not to share NCASI documents with others, (b) to limit the use of NCASI documents to products and services that directly and immediately benefit the Member Company, and (c) to destroy or return NCASI documents when the agency or contractual relationship with the Registered User, or the employer of the Registered User, is severed or terminated. Registered Users are specifically prohibited from sharing NCASI documents with any company that is not a NCASI Member Company, or to the employees, agents, or staff of such non-Member Companies. Registered Users are specifically prohibited from using NCASI documents to prepare, enhance, provide or deliver products or services for any company that is not a Member Company of NCASI, or for the employees, agents, and staff of such non-Member Companies.

Use of this website to obtain NCASI documents implies that you understand and have agreed to the terms outlined in this policy. NCASI may immediately terminate access to, or use of, this website in the event of any activities that are in breach of this policy.

Questions about this policy may be directed to gro.isacn@rotartsinimda.