2022 Annual Report

May 11, 2022 NCASI Updates

For nearly 80 years, the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc. (NCASI) has been a constant source of unbiased research and support for the forest products industry. We are proud to continue this legacy while growing and adapting to the demands of the industry and the world around us.

In the pages of this report, you will see highlights of the good work we have done over this past year with, and on behalf of the industry. As we look to the future, we are embracing the journey and renewing our pledge to be not only responsive to current needs but serve as visionaries ahead of emerging issues that will impact your businesses and our work.

For example, two areas in which we are expanding our efforts are in the topical area of Carbon and increased support of the Wood Products segment. We have included highlights of a few of the tools, resources, and trainings we have produced in the past year with much more to come.

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