Projects with External Organizations

Although NCASI receives most of its funding from forest products companies, it also receives funding from government agencies, associations and other organizations interested in better understanding the connections between the forest products industry and the environment. In addition, NCASI collaborates with academic institutions, particularly those working in areas of environment, forestry, and sustainability research that are directly applicable to the forest products industry.

NCASI has collaborated with a range of organizations over the years. Below is a representative list of these organizations, along with references to published literature that resulted from the collaboration. This list is also available as a PDF file, which contains the full bibliographic citations for the works referenced.

Aarhus University (Botkin et al. 2007)
American Bird Conservancy (Kroll et al. 2010)
Auburn University (Guyer et al. 2012; Loehle et al. 2005)
Australian Museum (Botkin et al. 2007)
Canadian Forest Service (Lucier et al. 2009)
Canadian Wildlife Service (Drever et al. 2012)
Case Western Reserve University (Botkin et al. 2007)
Clemson University (Flinders et al. 2009a; Hall et al. 2009a, 2009b; Leonard et al. 2012)
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Botkin et al. 2007)
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas [Spanish National Research Council]
          (Botkin et al. 2007)
Dartmouth College (Lucier et al. 2009)
Duke University (Loehle and Scafetta 2011)
Environmental Assessment Institute (Botkin et al. 2007)
Environmental Resource Consulting (Flinders et al. 2014)
Forisk (Lang and Mendell 2012)
Great Lakes Protection Fund (Great Lakes Protection Fund n.d.)
Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Larkin et al. 2012)
Instituto Regional para la Biodiversidad (IRBIO) (Matamoros et al. 2009)
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC 2007)
International Finance Corporation (IFC 2013)
International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (Lucier et al. 2009)
Laurentian University (Brown et al. 2007)
Louisiana State University (Blazier et al. 2012)
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (Vashon et al. 2008)
Manomet Center for Conservation Science (Wilkerson et al. 2010)
Met Office Hadley Centre (Botkin et al. 2007)
Michigan State University (Birdsey et al. 2006; Lucier et al. 2009; Linden et al. 2012;
Linden and Roloff 2013)
Michigan Technological University (Vance et al. 2014)
Mississippi State University (Jones et al. 2009)
Montana State University (Verschuyl et al. 2008; McWethy et al. 2009)
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (Cook et al. 2013)
Nature Conservancy (Gustafson et al. 2007; Drever etal. 2012)
NatureServe (Faber-Langendoen et al. 2009; Master et al. 2009)
New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation (Botkin et al. 2007)
North Carolina State University (Albaugh et al. 2012; Tian et al. 2012)
Ohio State University (Bakermans and Rodewald 2009; Loehle and McCulloch 2008)
Oklahoma State University (Loehle et al. 2005)
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (Brown et al. 2007)
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (Cook et al. 2013)
Oregon State University (Waring et al. 2006; Leibowitz et al. 2000)
Oxford University (Botkin et al. 2007)
Purdue University (Farnum et al. 2007)
Quileute Indian Tribe (Cook et al. 2013)
Rochester Institute of Technology (Loehle et al. 2005)
Society of American Foresters (Malmsheimer et al. 2011)
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (Cook et al. 2013)
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (Miner 2010)
University of Arizona (Botkin et al. 2007)
University of Arkansas (Butler and Tappe 2008)
University of California (Botkin et al. 2007)
University of Edinburgh (Botkin et al. 2007)
University of Florida (Griswold et al. 2006)
University of Georgia (Hein et al. 2009; Lane et al. 2011; Loehle and Pechmann 2000)
University of Idaho (Flinders et al. 2009a, 2009b; Hall et al. 2009a, 2009b)
University of Kentucky (Dodd et al. 2012)
University of Lausanne (Botkin et al. 2007)
University of Liverpool (Botkin et al. 2007)
University of Maine (Homyack et al. 2006)
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (Lucier et al. 2009)
University of Minnesota (Moen et al. 2008; Botkin et al. 2007)
University of Montana (Mitchell et al. 2008)
University of New Mexico (Leibowitz et al. 2000)
University of Saskatchewan (Hall et al. 2009a, 2009b)
University of Southern Mississippi (Borton et al. 2009; Flinders et al. 2014;
          Matamoros et al. 2009)
University of Tennessee (Boves et al. 2013; Mitchell et al. 2008)
University of Washington (Harrison et al. 2009; Devine et al. 2012;
          Miner and Perez-Garcia 2007)
US Army Corps of Engineers (Mendonça et al. 2007)
US Environmental Protection Agency (Leibowitz et al. 2000; USEPA 2006)
US Fish and Wildlife Service (Mendonça et al. 2007; Guyer et al. 2012)
US Geological Survey (Cook et al. 2013; Dawson et al. 2012; Dellinger et al. 2007;
          Mitchell et al. 2006)
USDA Forest Service (Birdsey et al. 2006; Callaham et al. 2013; Van Deusen et al. 2013; Heath et al. 2010; Upton et al. 2008; Gustafson et al. 2007; Loehle et al. 2005)
Virginia Tech (Eisenbies 2009, Wade et al. 2012)
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (Cook et al. 2013)
Washington State University (Cook et al. 2013)
West Virginia University (Wood et al. 2012)
Western Carolina University (Loehle and Pechmann 2000)
Western Washington University (Hall et al. 2009a, 2009b)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD 2007, 2012, 2013)
World Resources Institute (WRI 2004, 2008)