Technical Bulletins & Special Reports

Special Report No. 01-05: Technologies for Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions: A Resource Manual for Pulp, Paper, and Wood Products Manufacturers

<p align="justify">This resource manual provides an overview of the costs and carbon dioxide emissions associated with steam and electrical power generation and use. Descriptions are provided for over seventy technology options which could enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions at pulp, paper, and wood products manufacturing facilities. Each technology description includes applicability guidance and an overview of the technology’s impact on energy use, CO2 emissions, operating costs, and capital costs. Sample calculations are included to illustrate the estimation of each technology’s impact on costs and emissions when applied to individual mill processes. Capital cost estimates are also provided for most technology options (+ or – 40% accuracy level), along with sufficient information to adjust costs corresponding to capacities other than those used in deriving the estimates. <br /><br />It is clear from the analyses included in this manual that the technical feasibility, costs, and effectiveness of specific technologies and operating practices may vary significantly from facility to facility. Among the important factors contributing to this variability are (a) the types of fuels being used and their costs; (b) the methods used to produce electricity on-site and off-site; (c) the production processes being used; (d) the extent to which energy saving technologies and operating practices have already been implemented; and (e) assumptions about, and accounting methods for, off-site effects on electricity and raw material production. These and other facility-specific factors must be addressed in developing estimates of the costs for reducing CO2 emissions. </p>