Special Report No. 05-01: Evaluation of Sulfide Ion Detector Tubes for Determining Sulfide Concentrations in Pulp and Paper Mill Wastewaters

This report presents the results of a single laboratory method evaluation of sulfide ion detector tubes for the analysis of aqueous samples collected at four pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The samples included primary clarifier effluents, inlets to the ASBs, fronts of the ASBs, mid-points of the ASBs, a hardpipe condensate, and secondary treated effluents from bleached and unbleached kraft mills. The tubes evaluated were Sensidyne 200AB (0.5 to 10 ppm) and 200SB (2 to 1000 ppm) and Gastec 211 (1 to 100 ppm) and 211LL (0.5 to 20 ppm).