Special Report No. 98-01: NCASI Guidance on Sampling, Contracting, and Auditing Analytical Data for the Effluent Limitations Guidelines Monitoring Parameters

In 1997, NCASI conducted workshops in conjunction with each of its Regional Meetings to assist member companies in complying with the monitoring and analytical requirements of the Effluent Limitations Guidelines portion of the USEPA’s Cluster Rule. This report provides a summary of the materials presented at the workshops and includes information that has been updated to reflect the final form of the effluent limitations guidelines as signed by the EPA Administrator in November 1997. Specifically, the report contains: (1) a thorough summary of the Effluent Limitations Guidelines requirements; (2) guidance on sampling bleach plant and treated final effluent matrices for regulated parameters; and (3) guidance on selecting, contracting, and auditing contract laboratory data.