Special Report No. 99-05: A Survey of Pulp and Paper Industry Environmental Protection Expenditures – 1998

Based on a survey of the industry, capital expenditures for environmental protection at U.S. pulp and paper mills in 1998 were estimated to be $0.63 billion, with 50% of the total being for water quality protection, 21% for air quality protection, and 30% for solid waste disposal. Total 1998 expenditures were 7% higher than those reported for 1997. Forecast environmental expenditures for 1999 are $0.69 billion. Spending for environmental protection in 1998 represented almost 13% of all U.S. pulp and paper 1998 capital expenditures. Corporate administrative costs for environmental programs were $57.8 million in 1998, while environmental research costs were $26.4 million.