Sustainable Forest Management

May 24, 2011

Given its reliance on continued access to sustainably-managed forests for its wood supply, the North American forest products industry has invested heavily in Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and SFM certification. SFM certification provides third-party assurance that the land manager is operating in such a manner as to retain biodiversity and environmental integrity on the landscape while providing an ongoing harvest of wood for forest products manufacture.

NCASI’s Forestry Program comprises roughly one-third of the organization’s scientific research activities, and involves collaborations with a broad spectrum of university, government, and other researchers. Aspects such as wildlife and biodiversity, watershed management, forest carbon, forest technology, and forest inventory are investigated through this multi-faceted research program. NCASI also undertakes research activities on the part of its members specifically for their application to SFM certification programs. For information about this program, go to the Forestry Program section of this website.

In the context of broader sustainability questions regarding forest management, NCASI undertakes research and scientific studies related to the intersection of forest management activities and sustainability topics such as climate change and life cycle assessment. These aspects are incorporated within studies discussed under Life Cycle Assessment and Climate Change and Carbon Management in this section of the website.