Technical Bulletin No. 0001: Air Pollution Abatement Developments Summarized (APGB)

  State legislative action aimed at curbing air pollution has been proposed thus far this year in Arizona, Michigan and New York as part of a trend toward increasing attention to the problem in state capitals and cities generally throughout the country. A bill introduced in the Arizona legislature by a dozen representatives proposed the creation of a joint state legislative committee to study the air pollution problem. The measure would authorize  county boards of supervisors to appoint seven-member county air pollution boards, which would report to the state committee. If the state committee decided a state air pollution code is necessary, it would submit its recommendation by Jan, 31, 1958. "The people of the state of Arizona have a primary interest in atmospheric purity and freedom of the air from any air contaminants,” the sponsors of the Arizona measure declared. Duties of the proposed county boards were listed by the bill as including: Study the problem of air pollution in the county; study possible effects on adjoining counties; cooperate with health departments, chambers of commerce, industry, agriculture, public officials, and all other interested persons or organizations. Also, hold public hearings if in its discretion such action is necessary; and, correlate and evaluate its findings and submit written report to the joint state legislative committee no later than April 30, 1957.