Technical Bulletin No. 0001: Sampling and Analysis of Air-borne Gaseous Effluents Resulting from Sulfate Pulping (AQTB)

Perhaps the first need in regard to the evaluation of the effect of the discharge of air-borne effluents on surrounding areas is the development of adequate sampling and analytical techniques. While a number of kraft mills and other investigators have done some excellent research, the methods proposed to date appear considerably involved and laborious and not especially adapted to routine testing. Accordingly, this phase of the problem has received the primary attention of the National Council Atmospheric Study Project at the University of Florida. The attached Technical Bulletin contains a review of the literature on the analysis of gaseous sulfur compounds which constitute the principal group resulting from kraft pulping. This review was prepared under the direction of Dr. E. R. Hendrickson and also contains a discussion of general considerations with regard to sampling and analysis