Technical Bulletin No. 0002: Present Treatment Practice of Air-borne Effluents in the United States Kraft Industry (AQTB)

The enclosed report contains the results obtained by National Council engineers from an extensive survey of the United States kraft industry. The survey was for the purpose of ascertaining  what methods are being used for the treatment of atmospheric  effluents arising from the kraft pulping process. In addition to purely technical considerations, inquiries were made concerning the public relations aspects of kraft mill air-borne discharges. Fifty-eight mills participated in the program, of which the great majorities  were individually visited by Council representatives.  Treatment methods used by the mills for various effluents are summarized in the report and details are given of some of the more recent techniques used for the abatement of odors associated with the process. Data is also presented on the costs of treatment equipment which indicates considerable sums have been spent on processes resulting in decreased air contamination.