Technical Bulletin No. 0002: Sanitary Engineering Progress at the University of Florida Conference on Atmospheric Pollution (APGB)

The Ninth Municipal and Sanitary Engineering Conference was held on the campus at the University of Florida, April 17 and 18, 1956. A large number of interested persons, including engineers, chemists, physicians, industrial managers, agriculturists, and government officials, were in attendance. In addition to Florida, they represented seven states and the District of Columbia. The conferees met in the auditorium of the Student Service Center to hear fifteen papers on various phases of atmospheric pollution. These papers will be made available in the published proceedings of the conference. The following topics and authors were presented: 1. Problems Arising from Air Pollution - L. C. McCabe 2. Air Pollution Control and Its Effects on Other Engineering Activities - J. Wakefield and Earle  P. Bisher 3. The Effect of Air Pollution on Man and Animals - A. F. Meyer 4. Effects of Pollutants on Vegetation with Special Reference to the Effect of Fluorine on Citrus - I. W. Wander 5. Meteorology of Pollutant Dispersion- R. C. Wanta 6. Sampling Procedures and Reporting Results - E. R. Hendrickson 7. Equipment and Instrumentation for Surveys - F. W. Gilcreas  and E. R. Hendrickson 8. Methods of Control of Atmospheric Pollution - J. M. DallaValle 9. Site Selection and Meteorological Control - A. L. Danis 10. Industrial Approach to Air Pollution Problems - W. R. Bradley and A. C. Crago 11. Air Pollution Aspects of Power Reactors - T. J. Burnett 12. Air Pollution Research Activity - A. C. Stern 13. Epidemiological Studies - W. C. Cooper 14. Graduate Study in Community Air Pollution Control - H. F. Ludwig and F. A. Butrico 15. The Air Pollution Control Commission Program for New Jersey - W. R. Bradley