Technical Bulletin No. 0003: Applied Meteorology for the Pulp and Paper Industry (AQTB)

  The importance of meteorology in respect to air pollution cannot be underestimated. However, as pointed out by Admiral A. L. Danis, who conducts the meteorological portion of the Council’s University of Florida Project, it is not necessary to understand completely the theoretical aspects of meteorology in order to deal with simpler air pollution problems. The attached Technical Bulletin, prepared by Admiral Danis, sets forth the calculated risks and performance  levels which weather imposes on operations. The bulletin deals with the records required to forecast the periodicity and duration of undesirable conditions due to stack discharge at a particular location, as well as methods for handling these data to allow sound interpretation. Such information should be of interest to industry not only in the consideration of new mill sites, but for evaluating conditions  pertaining to existing installations. Through such knowledge, control methods may be suggested or a better selection of such measures made in terms of results which can be produced in lieu of prevailing weather conditions.